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Basement finishing and remodeling has come a long way since the days of boxed-in ductwork, acoustic tile ceilings, and plastic floor tiles. Today's basements, or terrace-levels, are extremely functional and the architectural details and basement design options rival those of the best-designed and most popular homes. Homeowners frequently use these spaces as home theaters, music rooms, sound studios, game rooms, guest rooms, offices and In-law suites.

When you partner with Your Enhancements for your basement finishing project or basement remodel, you'll experience the latest and best in basement design and construction. We've designed and built numerous basement living spaces, and quickly provided homeowners to seamlessly add a home theater, in-law suite, game room or home office to their existing square footage. Regardless of your budget or tastes, Your Enhancements will help you create an amazing basement or terrace level that perfectly suits you, and your family’s lifestyle.

Take a look at our Basement Gallery, to see a few projects we've completed. Also, please keep in mind Your Enhancements is unique, in that we work with our clients. If there are elements of the project you wish to complete yourself, we will work with you to make this happen. We work with do-it-yourself homeowners frequently, and enjoy the collaboration.

Our approach to basement finishing and basement remodel includes:

  1. Contact Us: Call or email us to discuss your project, and schedule a Free, In Home Client Collaboration meeting. We will listen to your wants and needs, and take that information to plan, design and supply a comprehensive project schedule and estimate.
  2. Meet & Greet: The Free, In Home Client Collaboration meeting is to gain a full understanding of your needs for your available space. How do you intend to use your basement? We’ll ask the question, “How should the space work now, and yet grow with you and your family into the future?” We want your new space to be an additional “living” level to your home - not "just a finished basement".
  3. Design/Measure: If time allows, and you agree that we, Your Enhancements, are the contractor of choice, we will take measurements of the space, to provide an accurate estimate and project schedule at a soon to be defined later date.
  4. Ideas Meeting: Next we will schedule an Ideas Meeting. By this time, we will have created several ideas which capture the smartest design for the space. We will discuss both the obvious and perhaps ideas that you’ve never even considered! Together, we will work out the details, as you are an important part of the design team. By incorporating your feedback, we will take the best elements to create the “one” individual space plan that is best for your needs. On the budget side, we will periodically “check” to ensure that we are designing a space that meets your budget expectations.
  5. Final Design and Details Meeting: In this meeting, we will review the final construction ideas and the pricing options. At this time, you will see all detailed elements of your project. We will review with you the project plan, where you will see how and which design elements impact the cost of the project. In this meeting, we bring the design and budget together, and will select a construction start date for your project and sign construction contracts.
  6. Construction: Finishing your space generally take between 7 and 16 weeks depending upon the scope and complexity of your space. Your upstairs will have minimal impact. We go through great lengths to ensure maximum dust protection and minimal disruption in your upstairs living area. Our crew is the best in the business. They are courteous and very respectful of you and your property. With very few exceptions, there is significant work happening daily. You will truly be blown away daily when you go downstairs and see the work of that day.
  7. Completion: We will walk through the space and identify anything with you prior to completion of your new living area. All that is left is to enjoy your new space and tell us how you are enjoying your new terrace level.

Depending on your floor plan, basement build-outs and remodels can often double your living space. Sure it takes an initial investment, but it is an investment you can almost always you can recoup. Build a home work out area, and save money on that gym membership. Build a home theater, and watch movies in the privacy and comfort of your own home, with out paying $30 dollars for large & small popcorn and a couple of cokes. Build a dedicated home office, and save money on your taxes, and keep your little ones from drawing cartoons on your monthly reports. Build a craft or painting room, a home workshop, guest room or in-law suite for your elderly parent.

If your budget does not permit an entire basement remodel, think of only doing half or a third of your basement. The remainder can be continued to be used for storage, until space is needed or you wish to complete the rest of the remodel. If your basement is not an option, think about adding a home addition, sunroom or screened in porch.

Your Enhancements
Your Enhancements will help you design a basement or terrace level living space you will enjoy for years to come. Give us a call to discuss options for your basement remodel or build-out with an experienced contracting professional. To see how Your Enhancements has helped previous clients plan, design, build, and enjoy a comfortable basement remodel, read our reviews.

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