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With more than 20+ years of experience as a general contractor, we have encountered almost every imaginable question. While we cannot answer all your questions here, we have listed a few of the most common questions and answers below. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to call, 404.867.9979, or contact us via our online form.

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Are you licensed and Insured?

Your Enhancements Inc. is fully licensed, insured, and registered. Our work and business practices reflect the highest standards in the industry.

Acworth Business License #001304

Please contact us for more information if needed.

How soon can you begin my project?

We are ready to work with you now!! The process starts immediately, as soon as you contact us or call. You probably already have an idea of what you want. We will meet with you and listen to your wants and needs, then offer our suggestions to make your project a reality. We will create a project plan, and schedule that works both for you and us as well. Our team is prepared to begin the work as soon as we agree to the details, and sign a required contract. This assures that we are committed to this project together. Once we get started, just sit back and watch the transformation. Our mission is to provide a relaxed construction experience, one you and your family may even enjoy during this exciting time. Give us a call to discuss your project, at 404.867.9979 or send us an email with your details.

How much will my project cost?

Communication is the real key when it comes to the budget for the project. The cost of your project should never have any gray areas. Your Enhancements will create a project plan that spells out in detail what every aspect of the project will cost. We will need to understand your expectations and your vision for the end result and we will work together to accomplish your dream. Give us a call to discuss your project, and get idea of what it may cost, by calling 404.867.9979 or send us an email with your details.

How do we pay?

Payments will be made at various points during your project. These payments will be spelled out clearly in the contract, so that there are no surprises. Questions can be answered by giving us a call, or talking with us while we are at your home.

Many of our customers simply pay by check, or get home equity lines of credit from their lender. We can offer advice on how to finance your project. We are here to help you achieve that dream for a new kitchen, elegant bathroom, family room or that much needed addition you have always wanted. Contact us to discuss your project.

What kind of crews do you use?

In my role as manager,I, Tony Manglass manage all projects and am the owner of Your Enhancements, Inc. and am a bit of a perfectionist. I oversee, and take full responsibility for every job – from that small tile job to the full blown renovation. Your standards are high, and so are mine. In addition, you should know that my crews are fully insured and meet all licensing requirements. You should have no worries throughout the job. Don't just take it from me, read our reviews.

What is the process throughout the project?

We have developed a planning and implementation process that has proven successful over and over again. Communication and a detailed contract and production schedule are really the keys. First, I sit down with you and listen to your idea. I want to know what you are thinking – the ideas you have – both your desires as well as the things you are concerned about. Next, I offer suggestions, and will create a visual picture that brings your dream to life. Next is the budget and contract phase. Once agreed to and signed, the transformation begins. My crews and I get to work, doing what we do best. If there are any questions along the way, you can always reach me and get a straight answer quickly. If there are any changes in the project, we update the contract and schedule and keep moving forward. I am with you every step of the way – every day. To learn more about our professionalism, read our reviews.

Where do we get the products needed for the project?

Some projects will require the purchase of products, such as cabinets, flooring, doors, shower tile, fixtures, etc. Over the years I have put together a list of businesses that I believe will give you high quality products and will be conscientious of your budget. We will work with you to select brands, finishes and technology to make sure you thrilled with your finished project.

How can I be certain that I’ll be treated fairly and professionally?

Whether you choose Your Enhancements or another, my advice to you is to make sure you spend time upfront with the contractor. Ask a lot of questions, and ask for references. If you choose us, you will be treated fairly and professionally because you have my word. I realize that there are many contractors out there, and the one way we can set Your Enhancements apart is by offering unprecedented customer service. My job is to make the construction process move forward as quickly and professionally as possible. I can promise you this, you won’t be disappointed. If you need more information, call us today, 404.867.9979.

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