Kitchen Remodeling

The heart of the home is the Kitchen. Update yours and increase the value and functionality of your home.

Kitchen Remodel
There is no other room in your home that promotes the warmth and love of the family like the kitchen. The kitchen is where family comes together and where conversations of the days’ activity flourish. It is where wonderful, memorable (or hopefully forgettable) meals are made and shared, and family news is discussed. The kitchen is where everyone in your family gravitates after a long day at school or work, and where guests snack, drink, and feel at-home when throwing a dinner party. With that said, the kitchen needs to be functional as well as warm and inviting. Ask yourself…Does your kitchen stand up to the demands of your busy family? Does it work well when you entertain or do you need to consider a kitchen-remodeling project? If you’re reading this, you’re probably already considering the thought.

Your Enhancements will work with you to plan, design, and build a kitchen that you, your family and friends, will be happy to spend hours in for years to come. Do you need a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or stovetop and need it installed right away? No problem! Need new cabinets or cabinet fronts? What about new flooring? If so, give Your Enhancements a call, and we’ll take care of it for you. If you desire an entirely new kitchen, one to be proud to show off to your friends and coworkers at your next holiday party, give us a call. We’ll look at your floor plan, draft a solution, and help you select the perfect finishes, appliances, countertops, tile, flooring, lighting, fixtures, and even paint colors and textures so that you can have your dream kitchen in plenty of time for your next dinner party, or simply to enjoy each and every day.

The kitchen remodeling process isn’t just about selecting cabinets, countertops, tile and picking out flooring. You need to consider all options and features, such as kitchen storage and layout that will fit your family’s needs not only today, but tomorrow. Countless people have started kitchen remodeling projects that include the latest styles, the most expensive tiles, and the brightest lighting money can buy, but have not been happy with the finished project as they did not look at the big picture. Avoid that problem, and hire an expert kitchen-remodeling contractor in Atlanta to help you plan your kitchen-remodeling project properly.

  • Can you interact with your family while you prepare dinner?
  • Do you have enough preparation space?
  • Does your kitchen allow you to cook with your kids or your spouse?
  • Can your children do their homework while you prepare dinner?
  • Do you have adequate lighting to prepare dinner, and can you dim the lights for entertaining?

As an expert kitchen Remodeling contractor in the Atlanta area, we possess the expertise to create a layout that works for you, and your family, that blends your kitchen with accessories, appliances, and the flow of your overall home design. We will make sure you ask all the right questions and make all the right decisions for your kitchen remodeling.

Why choose Your Enhancements as your kitchen-remodeling contractor in Atlanta?

When considering a kitchen-remodeling project, the most critical and probably first step, is selecting the right remodeling contractor. You need to select a contractor you can trust and who has the skill and experience to handle your project from beginning to end. Your contractor should work with you to define your look, from a sleek modern contemporary look, to a more traditional approach, and not bully you to select what they want. Your Enhancements has the experience and training to listen to your wants and needs, devise a plan and schedule to ensure your project is completed correctly the first time, on time and on budget.

Your Enhancements is a full-service kitchen-remodeling contractor in the Atlanta area. When you choose us for your kitchen renovation and design, you can feel confident that:

  • We do it all “in house”. From planning and designing your kitchen renovation, obtaining permits, starting demolition, completing the build, all the way through the final clean up.
  • Our team are skilled craftsmen and will treat your home with the utmost courtesy.
  • Our kitchen remodeling and design combine elegance and style with comfortable simplicity, and functionality.
  • We walk through the process with you every step of the way, from the initial consultation meeting through design and construction.
  • For every project, we are the project manager, and monitor the progress and ensure that we stay on schedule and budget.

At Your Enhancements, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built over the years with our clients, helping homeowners in the greater Atlanta area realize their dream of a new kitchen. We take tremendous pride in our designs and construction projects and will work alongside you to see your vision fully realized. To schedule your initial design consultation with us, call us today!

The Your Enhancements Kitchen Remodeling Process

  1. Contact Us for a Free Initial, In Home Consultation: We will listen to you and help define your wants and needs. We will help you set both a realistic budget and scheduled time frame. We will then develop a comprehensive design that ensure your needs are met and your kitchen remodel is completed on time. During this meeting, we will look at your current kitchen layout, electricity and plumbing systems to assess and plan any upgrades or coding issues.
  2. Design Draft: Before we start our work, we’ll start with drawing to define how your kitchen will look, and after making sure of our mutual understanding or making any changes necessary; we’ll create the exact blueprint to start the renovation.
  3. Permits: We work with homeowners and the do-it-yourselfer,
  4. Project Management: Purchasing materials and scheduling labor is an art form that we have perfected. This is the most important factor of staying within your budget.
  5. Completion: We perform a final walkthrough of your project. We’ll train you on any new appliances and review our work before getting your final ok.

Kitchen remodeling experts

Your Enhancements specializes in custom Kitchen remodeling in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We provide you with our 20+ years of experience and in house consultation and evaluation for Free.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee on your kitchen remodeling is not just a promise we make, but is backed by our stellar reputation amongst our clients. Read our Reviews and Testimonials or check out our photo gallery, containing several kitchen remodel projects we’ve recently completed.

If your budget does not permit an entire kitchen remodel, think of only updating your flooring, refinishing cabinets and replacing your outdated sink, faucet, appliances or lighting. Updating your kitchen will increase your home's value, and bring joy and harmony to your family's life.

Your Enhancements
Your Enhancements will help you design a beautiful, functional kitchen you will enjoy for years to come. Give us a call to discuss options for your kitchen remodel with an experienced contracting professional. To read how Your Enhancements has helped previous clients plan, design, build and enjoy a kitchen remodel, read our reviews.

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