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Staggs Home: Elevated Addition on Historical Home

Date: October 21 2012
Cat: Additions, Hardscapes

Project Detail

Your Enhancements worked with the homeowner, to create a unique elevated addition. The client wanted to expand their living space, with a horizontal addition. While it was a build-out, it was also a build-up, as there was an open patio space below the addition. The client desired to have the addition blend with the existing structure both inside and out. We worked with the homeowner to develop a plan, schedule and budget to make this unique request a reality

We built the deck structure, walls and incorporated the roofline, covering the roof quickly in case of inclement weather. We wired the space with electric service and wrapped the structure in Dupont Tyvex, to help protect the structure for the long term. The customer was concerned about insulating the space, so we decided to fill the wall space with spray foam insulation. We sprayed the walls, ceiling, and under the floor to keep the space comfortable in all four seasons. We added a colorful metal roof, to protect the space from the elements.

We added a stone fascia, and also completed some hardscape stairs and wall beneath the addition, and finally enclosed the exposed floor joists to finish the exterior.

Inside, the client wanted to use reclaimed wood in the ceiling to enhance the beautiful exposed beams. The client purchased two stained glass windows to put the finishing touches to the space, and a brick floor was requested and installed to accept the clients' new furniture.

The project was a big success, and the client was more than happy. Read more about our home addition experience, or view our home addition gallery.

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