The Your Enhancements

5 Step Process


You wish to make your house more of a home.


We listen to your ideas, and help to define your goal.


Together, we create a project plan and schedule that works within your budget.


We remodel your home, delivering your project on time and on budget.


You enjoy "Your Enhancement" to your home for years to come.

Process In Detail

While adding-on or remodeling your home is not rocket science, a sound plan is needed to get from point A to B. Over our 20+ years of experience contracting in the North Metro Atlanta area, we found our simple 5 Step Process works well to help us understand your, our client's needs, give you what you want, and keep the project on time, and on budget, with no, or a perhaps a few (good) surprises. Please review the process below, and see if you agree that Your Enhancements is the company of choice for your next remodeling project.

Step One1.Idea

It all starts with an idea. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't have an idea on how you wish improve your home. Your home may need updating, perhaps a new kitchen or bath. You may want a new chef's kitchen, dual-head walk-in shower, or an office or in-law suite. You may wish to spend relaxing evenings on a new screened-in porch, sunroom or patio, or simply need new siding or a new roof. Whatever it is, no one person knows better than you what you want, or what you need. At this point, It is often good to start writing things down. Make a list with two columns; things you like, and things you don't like. Start looking at magazines, and cut-out or take a picture with your cell-phone the ideas and items you like. Is it a color, a layout, or a specific appliance, or finish material? Whatever it is, somehow record this item. In our Free consultation, this collection really helps us understand your design aesthetic, your wants and needs, and your expectations.

Step Two2.Listen

We have made homeowners happy in the Acworth area for over 20+ years, not simply because we provide quality construction and materials, great customer service and demonstrate attention to detail. It's really because we listen. We'll listen to you, understand your ideas, and perhaps offer additional solutions to take your good idea and turn it into a great idea. We will work with you during the process to outline and detail exactly what you want, in a no pressure, no obligation environment. If after this meeting you wish to work with us, we will develop a comprehensive project plan that outlines the details, including materials, schedule and cost. If you wish to pick-out and pick-up the materials and finishes, it is up to you. You can determine your level of involvement, because at the end of the day, it is "Your Enhancement" we are working on.

Step Three3.Plan

Together, we will work to build a comprehensive project plan, schedule and budget to get your remodeling project started in a timely manner and completed on time, and on budget. We will go over the project plan and tweak accordingly. Once both parties are completely satisfied, a contract will be signed for the remodeling project. This contract protects you the homeowner, and protects us, the contractor, to prevent any miscommunication by either party. The project plan and contract will be referenced throughout the project to ensure we are building your project to your specifications, and that the fee and completion schedule is clearly identified and agreed upon by both parties.

Step Four4.Build

Once construction starts, our mission is to make the process as enjoyable as possible. We understand that this construction process may interrupt your daily activities, and it's not always easy having a worker or crew in your home. We will make every effort to complete the project in a timely manner to minimize the impact on your family. In addition, please keep in mind we will use quality materials in the construction of your project as outlined in our contract/project plan. In the event a substitute is needed, you will be notified of the modification. be rest assured your project is being completed and supervised by professionals with 20+ years of experience in construction and remodeling. We try to work as cleanly as possible, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Step Five5.Complete

Upon completion of your project, your face should look like the picture to the left. You will be happy. We will go over the project with you and answer any questions you may have regarding how to use or maintain any new item installed. We may ask you to complete a short survey, so we can better understand how you liked our service and commitment to quality, and so we can continue to improve. If you wish, we would also greatly appreciate it if you would provide us with your review, telling others about your experience with Your Enhancements.

After reading about our simple process, the team at Your Enhancements hopes to earn your business.

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